FCCLA Partnership 2013

Julia and Kristen, members of Wray, CO, FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America) partnered with theJicaro Project as our first Jicaro Kit Fundraiser participants, raising money for their club while winning prizes at State and National Competitions for FCCLA. Check out their work alongside theJicaro Project!

Our Jicaro Heroes!
Jicaro Heroes at the Colorado
FCCLA State Conference!
Garage Sale Booth
Jicaro Project House Party 
Julia writes of their experience...

"We had two house parties and the booth at the garage sale. We had 12 different orders and fundraised a little over $100 to help ship shoes to Africa and other places for another of our FCCLA chapter member's project. Kristen made an awesome visual board for the judges and I wrote a 5 minute speech (with Kristen's heroic lines) as well. The speech started with 'Bang...Pow...Shazaam... Let's save the day!' with high fives and heroic poses. In the speech we had to explain the project, how we used communication, conflict resolution, and the FCCLA 8 purposes. (For example, the project itself fulfilled FCCLA purpose number 1, "To Provide opportunities for personal development and preparation for adult life.") Then we did a case study, which is conflict resolution, in 10 minutes to something similar to our project. At our state competition, we needed $500 by the end of the day for the race for a cure the next day (we thought of asking groups such as rotary club for donations and a bake sale). With this presentation and case study we received a gold and won first place on the state level in Denver. With first we were able to present our project on the national level for another ranking. In Nashville, TN we received a silver medal. Over all Kristen and I enjoyed this projects and the opportunities it provided for us! Thanks for your help!"
A big thanks for all your hard work and your partnership with us! 

Consider ordering a Jicaro Kit for your next club, class, or mission trip fundraiser.

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