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Product Ideas and Development

For the jicaro, paper beads and batik lines, individuals with creative ideas from outside the base have left their distinctive mark.  We like to remember that we are just making it up as we go along.  There’s plenty of room for improvement in our program, design and ‘manufacturing.’  If you are gifted in any area that could help us become better, and have suggestions or time to share, please contact us.  We welcome interns and visitors to the base.

University Booster Bracelets

Boucle Loomed Bracelets

Hebrew Names of God Bracelets

We’re proud to introduce loom-woven beaded bracelets to our U.S. based partner stores. Each an individual work of art, these bracelets feature the names of God in Hebrew script. Read right to left, the script stands out subtly or boldly, depending upon the color combinations selected by the artist. Each measures approximately 1 inch wide and contains over a thousand beads, carefully woven over many hours by a young women working to support her education. Though there are many names we hope to eventually include in the collection, we currently offer Jehovah Jireh ( God who provides) and Jehovah Rophe (God who heals). If you have a special request, let us know, and we can discuss your suggestion.

We’re developing this line with hospital gift shops, Christian bookstores, and church shops in mind. Please contact us ( if you have suggestions for organizations who might be interested. As for all of our products, proceeds help to fund the Vida Joven youth clubs in Granada, Nicaragua.

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