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Partnering with theJicaro Project
from Watkinsville, Georgia!
How You Can Become Involved

One of my favorite folk tales is that of Stone Soup.  If you don’t know it, google it sometime.  It’s the classic exhortation to get involved, work together, and make a difference, among other things. 
If you read How We Got Started in theBeginning tab, you know that this project grew out of the input, labor and dreams of many people, over time.  Suggestions for products came from visitors to the base.  Suggestions for where to find a market also came from interested friends and family.  We like that this project has had a life of its own, and trust that its direction reflects Divine purposes.  Each one of us who have contributed has been blessed in some way.  You can help, too. 
If you would like to get involved, please contact Sarah at or call 434-227-4917.

Sales and Distribution
Currently, we sell our creations through a handful of gift shops in Granada, a much appreciated and valiant group of stores in the ‘States and at the El Puente base.  If you have or know of a store that might be a good fit for our product lines, please let us know.  Our on-line catalogue and order sheets can make introductions easy, and thanks to a generous-hearted friend in Gainesville, Georgia, we have a ready supply of items that can be sent quickly.  We have found that pre-Christmas fairs and bazaars are also great places to feature our products.  

United States Sales Partners

To place an order, please request an order sheet from which contains photos of the various products and prices in dollars. Send your order to us via email, and we will contact you concerning any details, questions and delivery information. We stock an assortment of items in the US, and can usually get orders shipped rapidly. Special orders and larger orders may take a bit of time, but not too much. We usually have interns and visitors traveling between Nicaragua and the US and can often send an order quickly via these volunteer mailmen. There may be a modest shipping charge from the home base of this volunteer mailman to your address. 

An invoice will be delivered with your order. Your check may be mailed to our bank in the US, as directed on your invoice. Along with your order, you will receive a point of sale poster which can be put in a frame or otherwise exhibited along with our line, which helps your customers understand that with each purchase, they are helping people who want a hand up, not a hand out. Each item comes with a tag describing theJicaro Project with the name of the artisan who created it. 

Thank you for considering working with us, and may God Bless you and your business.
The Staff, Artisans and Volunteers of theJicaro Project
Granada, Nicaragua

Take time to view our Catalogue and peruse products both past and present. 

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